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We bring together the most cutting-edge technology, advanced analyses, and cryptocurrencies and in doing so make it possible for our clients to take part in the biggest investment opportunities of the century, resulting in above-standard interest.

We are a FinTech company that keeps pace with the development of new technologies. Using sophisticated data analysis and good trading in cryptocurrencies, we give our clients a unique opportunity to effectively increase the value of their capital. Our business activity is based on perfect coaction between technology and human intervention.

We are now aiming beyond the borders of the Czech and Slovak markets, at the position of a genuine Central European leader in the sphere of digital assets and the management of cryptocurrencies. We are also involved in the development of new technologies and products. For this reason we needed a brand name that would better encapsulate our company’s direction and ambitions.


expresses the essence of what we do – bringing together the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of finance as we know it today.

From idea to action

From idea to action

The initial idea behind setting up the company was always primarily our interest in modern technology, which we wanted to master to perfection and innovate the ways in which it can be used. Carrying out advanced system analyses of financial markets and using intelligent technological solutions are also key to us, making it possible for us to clearly see what others are only just beginning to sense. This allows us to deliver a unique investment strategy.

Our vision is one of being a strong financial holding with a portfolio of sophisticated and advanced investment instruments that work for the client and make the trader’s job easier at the same time.

Sophisticated khow-how as the key to free decision-making

Sophisticated khow-how as the key to free decision-making

At the very beginning there was a young programmer whose passion was technology and the world of finance – Václav Holler. He was gathering valuable experience together with like-minded co-workers. They formed a company – based on their idea of ideal investing strategy. In 2020, this company became financial group CRYFIN, drawing on years of experience with investments, digital asset management and cryptocurrency trading.

Number one in technology development

Number one in technology development

We want to be trustworthy guides in the world of finance and help our clients safely move from the world of old national currencies to the new world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Our aim for the near future is to become the largest cryptocurrency asset manager in the EU for retail, qualified and institutional investors. We want to be number one in technological development for cryptocurrency trading and management. We offer all the services in-house, under one roof, so we provide complete and safe investment solutions and services.

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