We are FinTech holding and technological development is part of us and also our passion.  High pace of technological development and knowledge we have is necessary in order to be succesful at what we do. We share the results of our progress primary with our clients, but part of them also with wider public. You also have a chance to try them in form of applications.


Cryptomood is a ground-breaking application for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. It employs machine learning and natural language to map out the level of foundation and sentiment on the market. It therefore makes it easier for the trader to find his or her way around the exchange, analysing and filtering news that has a direct influence on the value of digital currencies for him/her.

CryptoMood continually monitors the available data and filters only essential information down to the trader. The application processes data from more than 50,000 news sources, 10 news agencies, 4 social networks, and more than 100 trading and cryptocurrency blogs.

Our tools use the cutting-edge algorithms of artificial intelligence to analyse market sentiment and trading in cryptocurrencies. They then come up with precise analyses using NLP and machine learning.

An experienced international team of experts with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, processing artificial language, and analysing sentiment is behind CryptoMood.

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Whales – the term used in the world of cryptotrading to denote key players that have so much data that the way they act on the market can influence movement on the exchange. For this reason it is a good idea to find and monitor whales. And because each and every piece of information is worth its weight in gold, we developed WhaleTrace, an application that keeps an eye on whales for you.

Monitoring the activity of huge volumes of data is a key factor in estimating the development of cryptocurrency prices. The thorough work done by our developers will save you plenty of time and aid the certainty of your trading.

WhaleTrace literally monitors all main blockchains. And our reach continues to stretch. We now monitor more than 600 cryptocurrencies, including stable currencies.

WhaleTrace will also support your investment decision-making. See for yourself today.

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