Václav Holler

Founder & CEO


My name is Vašek Holler. I am from Hradec Králové, and proud of it.
It was there that I used to go to the Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics. And it was there that I built the solid foundations of who I am today. I also experienced my first genuinely major success there, winning a prize in the field of technology in the Young Czech Minds competition. At that time I was programming software for 3D printers. That was back in 2012. It seems so long ago…

Václav Holler

I have been seriously involved in programming since I was fifteen. And I began using my knowledge to analyse investment activities in my twenties, learning the ropes, as it were, in Forex. When I was twenty, I began looking into the possibility of using neural networks. I fell for the world of cryptocurrencies four years ago and began doing business in investments.

Investing and programming have much in common. You need to have a clear vision. You need to have strong discipline. You can never believe that you know it all and that what you know is enough. I am systematic. Some people even say that I am an analytically-based perfectionist. This, however, is exactly how I am able to find the right times for the right direction of investment.

CRYFIN is now the fulfilment of what I have been trying to achieve with a team of colleagues for several years. Our aim is to become the number one digital asset manager in the EU. My belief is that under the name of CRYFIN we will achieve what we have set out to do, in part thanks to the 100% service that we provide our clients. I see digital assets as an opportunity for me and for my clients, an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often.

Success in the digital world is success without boundaries. It is said that capital knows no borders. Our aim is to bring to the market the sort of products that comply with the high regulatory standards in place in the EU, and at the same time succeed in the predatory, developing investment industry.

I believe that CRYFIN will bring success to our clients and that together we will build the largest FinTech holding in the EU!

Václav Holler
Founder & CEO

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